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2015 12 March

How to shake up your career in 2015

1. Set up a Side Business
 It doesn't need to be associated to your job and it can be something you fit around other commitments. A side business will give you a great general idea of what it takes to be commercially fruitful: from setting it up to advertising and promoting your products or s...

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2015 12 March

How Does Technology Impact HR Practices?

Technology has altered the business world many periods over. In the Information Age, the arrival of computers and the Internet has enlarged that impact significantly. 
 Many businesses cannot even function without the use of computer technology.This impact is seen in nearly all ar...

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2015 20 February

How to Increase Employee Accountability at Work

Biometric Devices – Finger-print and retinal scanners, let an employee to clock-in and out for their periods at work through one of their bodily traits. For an employee to be held accountable for their shift, they will have to be exist at work in order to sign in/out. Since these devices need the...

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2015 11 February

Are you working on your business – or in your business?

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner is to create a company that is dependent on your daily involvement for its success.
 This is what I call working “in” your business. You’re writing basic sales letters, attaching stamps, and guiding staff step-by-step through each t...

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2015 09 February

3 Things To Remember When You Hire Your First Employee

 1. Pay
 All employees are entitled to be paid for the work that they have done, and unless the employment contract states otherwise, they are also entitled to be paid if they are ready and willing to work but you have not provided them with any work to do. With a few exceptions, all wo...

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