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2018 01 October

Advantage of having a proper Employee Time Management in your organization!

There are major benefits for implementing time management software within an organization. Obviously, the most important and the most immediate advantage is that it keeps the employees accountable for how they spend their time at work. After all, at the end of the month I'm sure that just like ev...

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2018 28 September

Why Payroll system should be use in business?

 Payroll Management :
 Any business that has more than one employee must have a payroll system. Paying employees consistently and with no delays not only impacts their morale, but it also reflects the company’s financial stability. Moreover, it is a requirement for compliance with ...

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2015 14 April

How Do You Improve Self-Expression Skills?

 Improving Self Expression skills is a long journey, considering your audience and your self. But this should help you get started.
 Write (almost) everyday. Commit to writing 500-1,000 words a day, whether on Quora, blog, or book. It forces you to find the right words and ex...

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2015 25 March

6 Savvy Life Hacks From Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and More

 1. Commit to getting shuteye.
 Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is probably one of the best-connected executives in the world, so you might be surprised to learn that she also turns off her phone every night before bed. In a 2013 interview with USA TODAY, the acclaimed Lean In author expla...

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2015 25 March

5 Indicators of a Great Startup

 5 indicators of a great startup in its earliest stage are:
 One or more paying customers who are ready before the product is out. Great products are so good at solving a pain point that customers anticipate and are willing to pay before the product is even ready. Slack signed up 8000 c...

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