Top 10 Innovative HR Practices

1. Mandated Leaves
Progressive-thinking companies understand that recharging on vacation is integral to employee focus and productivity. Instead of rewarding workers for being “too committed” to take time off, taking vacation is a required action. New policies that employees are required to take time off for themselves at regular intervals result in a refreshed, re-engaged employee.
2. Virtual Interviews
It’s more popular than ever for an employee to reside in a different state, or even country, than the corporate office. Used thoughtfully and correctly, interviewing over video had potential to be a perfect marriage of cost cutting measure and technological sophistication. HR should consider this option the next time the perfect candidate is hundreds of miles away.
3. Using Gamification When Recruiting
Whether a virtual tour of the office or playing a video game completing some of the potential job’s “tasks,” adding such elements into the recruiting toolbox woos younger talent to become more interested in the company, and more likely to apply. This adds excitement and thrill to the entire
4. Investing in employee health
Gym memberships, paid in-office medical screening, in-office ping-pong, and “activity game rooms” are becoming more prevalent in companies large and small. HR managers are learning quickly that investing in their workers’ mental and physical health holds great benefit to company productivity.
5. Getting rid of job titles
You might want to eliminate job titles to lessen the “hierarchy” feel of traditional businesses. Looked upon as old and stodgy, renegade companies refuse to pigeonhole employees with one title. The opinion here is that titles stifle the creativity and produces an unproductive hierarchy. Removing them fosters a more united, cohesive team of employees.
6. Two-way mentoring
While newer employees learn invaluable product knowledge and process requirements from company veterans, seasoned employees can get their imaginations sparked, absorb new technology, and discover new “hacks” from the newbies. Smart companies tap into the mentoring relationship as a back-and-forth, not up-to-down.
7. “Owning” unused vacation
Google practices this policy, with great success. Vacation days are technically an employee’s to use as he or she sees fit. If they don’t use them, for whatever reason, a fresh idea is to let them donate them to another employee. Perhaps the beneficiary is taking a trip around the world, or preparing for a life-changing event. The point is that HR acknowledges the employee earned these days, and can dole them out without company involvement.
8. Encouraging Volunteer Work by Employees
Businesses are stepping up and becoming good corporate citizens, and some are encouraging their staff to do the same. CRM Salesforce, for example, covers up to seven days for employees to volunteer. Days off to work in a soup kitchen, build a playground, or volunteer at a hospital are worth their weight in gold at building a well-rounded, happy employee who works hard for the privilege of being part of the greater good – and those benefits can multiply when employees work on a project as a group.
9. Customizing the position for the talent
Progressive HR managers are ditching job descriptions, opting for building the position based on an employee’s strengths and interests. While challenging, this new practice is highly success if molded correctly. It takes a mix of knowing the employees, and accurately measuring their skill sets.
10. Greater Flexibility at Work
Focusing less on work/life balance, and more on the integration of life and work, is a paradigm that is emerging in the workplace. It’s all about how a company values the contribution of an employee, not just the physical hours worked. Time off for appointments and leaving early for school plays brings about loyalty and satisfaction in employees. Therefore, the quality of work and employee motivation is more important than the quantity or number of hours that they put in.

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