5 Key Benefits of a Fully Integrated HR Software

1. Increased efficiency
Having one application to track, store and retrieve employee data saves a lot of time. Saving time on repetitive, dull and low-value tasks such as data entry, updating spreadsheets, or sending emails to ask for systems’ information to be changed is a significant boon for HR teams – and the employees they support. Also, with a single system, there is much greater scope for automation and workflow – minimizing the number of manual interventions needed to complete a process. This functionality will already be built into the system, so there is no need to create complex and costly interfaces between two or more disparate systems. 

2. Increased Data Accuracy and Security
An integrated system, while not completely removing the possibility of human error completely, does vastly reduce it through a simplified and much smaller data input requirement – giving you much greater confidence in the accuracy of your employee records. Concerns around data security will be even greater if some of that sensitive personal information is kept in insecure formats such as email (think candidate CVs) and spreadsheets (pay and payroll information). Bringing these functions into your secure network of HR and business systems will ensure that data is better protected from hacks and breaches, and is only accessed by staff with the appropriate permissions.

3. Improved Decision Making
Through integrated HR systems, users will also be able to report on key metrics in real time, and usually from any device or geographic location, too. This means you’ll be able to identify – and resolve – problems as they happen and in return have quicker and improved decision making by the higher management. Moreover, having an integrated gives organizations a holistic view of people and performance data, enabling them to directly measure and assess the impact of initiatives on their bottom line.

4. Effective employee recruitment and retention
One of the greatest benefits of an integrated HR software is the choice this opens up to you when it comes to selecting the right candidates. The data gathered from current employees and also the potential candidates help the organizations decide for the best potential employees to be recruited. The data also helps the management in observing the trends and therefore increase the employee retention rates.

5. Greater Control
Providing your line managers with easy access to accurate reports and information such as attendance records, appraisals and other information, gives them greater control over the employees (obviously in a positive manner) and definitely makes for a much more efficient management process. So does getting automatic alerts (such as when reviews are due) - and being automatically provided with the tools to complete the task. Therefore, empowering all levels of management to maximize the return on your HR department.

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Andrew S

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